Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Project Centre’s traffic and engineering professionals deliver successful road safety, public transport, cycling and walking schemes for local authority and private sector clients.

We carry out accident analysis and safety audits that inform our designs for new developments and highway improvements. Our traffic engineering team have undertaken borough-wide schemes such as 20mph limits and cycle permeability schemes as well as individual projects such as junction improvements, new crossings and safer routes to school schemes.

Our integrated design approach ensures that issues such as parking, drainage and streetscape design are included within our design process.

Project Centre is also expert in promoting sustainable transport. We study, design, consult on and introduce walking and cycling routes and facility improvements which include the London Cycle Hire Scheme. We also help local authorities design wayfinding signage and mobility maps.

We have carried out route-wide Disability Discrimination Act audits which have been used in our designs to improve bus stop accessibility and have designed improvements to public transport facilities which have increased bus patronage.

On our award winning design for the Walworth Road project, our integrated design approach resulted in a street layout that replaced two bus lanes with bus gates which allowed us to double the pavement width in a busy shopping centre that was bisected by a major arterial route to London. The finished design has dramatically improved road safety, improved walking and cycling facilities and has not delayed buses.




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