Public Realm

Public Realm

Project Centre’s public realm team is an award winning streetscape design bureau and a registered landscape architecture practice. They are passionate about providing well designed public places that work for all the people who use them and have won international recognition for their designs for some of the UK’s best known streetscapes.

The team includes experts in landscape architecture, urban design, master planning and lighting with experience of delivering high quality schemes from design through to completion.

By bringing together experienced professionals from a wide range of disciplines and working together in multi-disciplinary teams, we are able to resolve challenges earlier and provide well thought-out solutions that reduce project and construction costs.

An example of this is our streetscape design for the Walworth Road in Southwark which won awards for road safety, walking and public realm and parking design. We are also lead lighting designers and highway engineers for the new Exhibition Road project.

We can help you with complete projects from start to finish or provide technical help when you need it. We have staff working alongside our clients on secondments to fill short-term skills gaps and as part of long-term partnerships. We provide our partners with the very best in design and deliver innovative, cost effective schemes that are technically robust.




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