Environmental impact assessments

Environmental impact assessments

Project Centre prepares Environmental Impact Assessments, Sustainability Appraisals and Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments to assess the potential impacts from proposed changes to land-use, the introduction of new buildings, new highway infrastructure and emissions to land, water or air during the construction, operation or de-commissioning stages of a project.

Our specialists provide expert advice and services on:

n policy and best-practice formulation and evaluation

n understanding the legislative framework and requirements for a
    proposed development

n preparation of cost-effective data collection strategies

n interpretation of data and development of appropriate and innovative

n the effective communication of environmental information to those
    involved in decision making processes

n tackling environmental, economic and social issues in an integrated way

Legislation often establishes a need for investigations, though experience also highlights the varied commercial and PR benefits of informal studies in other circumstances. Taking adequate account of environmental impacts and ensuring their effective integration with commercial aspirations is essential to successful and sustainable scheme delivery. 



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