Moreland Street Re-Imagined wins Excellence in Walking Award

Moreland Street Re-Imagined wins Excellence in Walking Award

Modeshift, an organisation aimed at providing safer and greener practices, hosted the National Sustainable Travel Awards last night. The awards are centred around the recognition of projects that further the titular cause, highlighting best practice and showcasing the innovation of like-minded peers. One such project was Moreland Street.

The street was a mixed site of poor traffic control and speeding, despite the local school. The project set to re-imagining the street to reprioritise children and locals instead of vehicles. As such, the changes main aims were to make it safer, greener and healthier for pedestrians. After consultation with the school, some of the pupils submitted their own ideas which were taken forward into the designs. The new layout is the culmination of improvements focusing around aesthetics and the environment with careful consideration to TfL’s Healthy Streets Indicators such as ensuring clean air quality and ease of movement.

On behalf of the London Borough of Islington, Project Centre Technical Director Tim Mantle oversaw construction and pre-design consultation while Senior Landscape Architect Sookyoung Im worked on the design. Together with the borough we carried out extensive engagement with the local primary school, the residents’ association and other relevant stakeholders to gauge the support of the scheme. In addition, we carried out a workshop with thirty Year Five students whose creative drawings were incorporated into the design.

The new design reduces speeding and through traffic, provides a cleaner space, reduces noise and ensures safety. This is achieved through wider pavements, benches for rest and shelter as well as a new colourful design for added vibrancy.

We are delighted to announce that this project won the ‘Excellence in Walking’ award due to the significant improvements to the pedestrian situation, specifically for nursery and primary school pupils as well as the curved road alignment to combat high vehicle speeds and as a result, air pollution. We are extremely proud to have been involved in such an worthwhile scheme and we congratulate the other project team members for their invaluable contributions which has wrought the well-deserved award.