Cowcross Street

Cowcross Street

Every year, 19 million passengers exit Farringdon Station on to a narrow 1.5 metre wide pavement on Cowcross Street.


Cowcross Street was a two-way street dominated by cars, yet most people using it were on foot.


Due to the high number of pedestrians injured when leaving the station, Islington Council asked Project Centre to consult on and introduce a low cost solution to make exiting the station safer and give pedestrians more space.


Three design options were consulted on which tried to unlock people’s imagination, highlight civic space and open wider possibilities than giving pedestrians an extra metre of pavement.


To help engage the public, Cowcross Street hosted Islington’s annual ‘car free’ day events when the road was closed to traffic. The most popular design option closed the road to through traffic.


Project Centre oversaw the construction and ensured that recycled materials were used where possible. Existing kerb stones were reused and waste was minimised by raising the level of the roadway in the pedestrian zone.


The local community and commuters have noticed an immediate improvement. As well as being much safer, the station forecourt has become a popular meeting place.