Charity Quiz Night at Project Centre

Charity Quiz Night at Project Centre

What was the last food rationed after the war? Where are the only two places you can’t buy a Coca Cola? Do cruise ships legally have to have a morgue?

Earlier this week, these questions and many more were asked as we hosted our charity Quiz Night. Organised by Ben Hodges, six teams of five attempted to show off some of the trivia and general knowledge accumulated over the years.

The winning team took home the gold with an impressive 19 points. Congratulations to Joanna Dabinett, Amy Attewell, Jerome Pilley, Avi Patel and Mike Madden. They were fortunate enough to take home shining trophies, and not the wooden spoons awarded to the bottom team, who shall remain nameless.

This was all in support of ‘One Kind Act’, a charity with the ambition to alleviate poverty, hoping to eventually eliminate it all together. Their objective is to bring about sustainable change and strong progress towards the relief of the destitute by promoting the preservation and protection of public benefits. They believe in the advancement of education and good quality of life across the globe. To this end, they organise many fundraising events where anyone can volunteer or donate. A recent achievement of theirs was the construction of a school in Nepal and on top of this they support several other causes such as ‘Light in Africa’ and ‘Xavier Project’. We were grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this magnanimous organisation and all profits from the event were donated.

A big thanks to the social committee for helping to organise the event and we hope to raise more money by proving how obscure our knowledge can be.