Car Clubs Consultations

Car Clubs Consultations

Project Centre has helped introduce over a quarter of the car club parking bays in the UK and understands the importance of planning and running successful consultations as residents’ support is a prerequisite for their success.


One of our most successful partnerships is with the London Borough of Islington where we have been helping identify suitable car club locations, running their consultations and making the necessary traffic orders since 2007.


Membership of Islington’s car club has been doubling year on year and now stands at 10,000 members, which is the highest per-capita membership in Europe.


Project Centre streamlined the process to introduce car club bays in order to keep pace with demand and can introduce a car club bay within four months, subject to resident and statutory stakeholder approval.


We have gained approval for over 120 car club spaces on Islington’s streets to keep pace with the growing car club membership.


In Islington, car club members now account for one in four resident parking permit holders and in 2009, for the first time ever, the number of parking permits issued in Islington dropped by 1,476. This has freed up nearly ten kilometres of parked cars from Islington’s streets and reduced parking pressure as well as CO2 emissions.