Avisha & Martina get APM qualified

Avisha & Martina get APM qualified

We believe continuous development is an important way in which we can support our staff, we can do this by offering them training and routes to gaining the qualifications they want to achieve.

We are delighted that two well-deserving members of our team have passed the Association for Project Management (APM) Project Management Qualification. Avisha Patel and Martina Gabrielli worked hard and passed the three hour exam which is recognised at International Project Management Association (IPMA) Level D.

They are looking forward to bringing their new skills and knowledge into practice on existing projects and in the future.

Avi said: “The AMP PMQ was a 3 hour essay writing exam, for which I had to self-learn using numerous text books. Having not prepared for exams for a good few years, I found it challenging at first to hone in on my revision techniques, especially to teach myself something new. I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learnt in my role at Project Centre and will use the knowledge gained to develop the way in which I manage projects.”

Well done both!