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We designed many of the UK’s iconic landmarks but we are equally adept at taking on small projects that make a big difference to the people using them.

Our approach to integrated design produces award winning results that have won international recognition. What makes Project Centre exceptional is our people, passion and the quality of the places we help design.

We employ over 100 highly skilled professionals who work in multi-disciplinary teams that are tailored to our clients’ requirements so they provide excellent value for money as well as outstanding results.

We work in partnership with clients, and engage with their stakeholders and the wider community to deliver visionary, affordable and practical solutions. If you want to help shape our towns and design safer streets, have a look at the join us page, or give us a call.


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Exhibition Road

As well London’s landmark museums, Exhibition Road is home to 15,000 students and one of London’s busiest underground stations, used by 30 million people every year. This project applies current theories on ‘shared spaces’ by removing barriers and allowing pedestrians and traffic to share space.

Project Centre was the lead highway, traffic and lighting engineering consultancy involved in this project (and was since project inception) which included the following works

• The first phase examined traffic flows in South Kensington in preparation for phase two. Public realm services (street lighting, signalling, paving, signage, etc.) was revised

• The second phase was the radical redesign of 16,000m2 of public realm and the associated engineering along the full length of the street from South Kensington station to Hyde Park.

Traffic data was collected in order to model vehicle and pedestrian flows at individual junctions and across South Kensington. Origin and destination data was used with junction surveys to ensure junction and signal designs met their demands before they were introduced onto the street. Project Centre was also responsible for the complete new drainage design and profiling the street.

The lighting design was based on a linear arrangement of 20.35m bespoke columns coordinated with the geometric design of the surface finishes. Each column provides night time “White light” illuminance which contributes to personal security. LEDs mounted on the columns provide the sparkle, visual diversity and interest needed in this high profile public space to create a world class streetscape

Islington choose Project Centre to continue Public Realm relationship

Project Centre has been appointed by Islington Council to deliver services as part of Islington’s Public Realm Consultancy Panel for Lot 1 – traffic, engineering and open spaces.

The contract will run for four years. The contract is the third generation for Project Centre and the
Framework offers an access agreement for other London authorities to sign up to.

Project Centre has established an enviable track record in Islington,
helping to deliver projects such as the well publicised borough-wide 20mph zone; the introduction of 120 car club parking spaces within three years; assessing feasibility of junction improvements, including traffic modeling outside Finsbury Station, and feasibility designs for Islington’s Cycle Grid programme.

Kevin Donnelly, Project Centre Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded a place on Islington Council’s Public Realm Consultancy Panel. This success reinforces our already strong and longstanding relationship with Islington and is a significant opportunity for Project Centre. We are looking forward to working with Islington Council on a whole range of exciting projects to deliver world class infrastructure for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists within the Public Realm.

For further information please contact Afrika Morris, Communications Executive, on 0208 991 8897or 07920 278 164.